Proust on… journalism

The fault I find with our journalism is that it forces us to take an interest in some fresh triviality or other every day, whereas only three or four books in a lifetime give us anything that is of real importance. – M. Swann, 27

I love my job, however, tracking the American political theater, especially in the months preceding a presidential election, is oftentimes depressingly disheartening. The media frenzy that followed the President’s press conference the other day, where a comment that “the private sector of the economy” was “doing fine,” was sickeningly drawn out. As I watched the reactions of various outlets and political factions balloon into one of many seemingly daily PR crises for the White House, I found myself reminded of Swann’s observation on the state of journalism in post-revolutionary France. Of course, like Swann I am captivated by the thing I claim to disdain, as Marcel later points out about the older man.


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